Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Samsung Wave S8500 Review

There is no doubt that this is a beautifully made phone; the sleek seamless design sits in the hand as though human anatomy were designed for it. The crisp 3.3’’ super AMOLED screen brings the most vivid vivacity to the footage you shoot with the tour de force high definition video and 5 megapixel camera whist extending battery life with its superior low power consumption.

This is clearly a company which understands the needs of the user, providing personalisation in all areas. Under the bonnet it kicks a powerful punch with a 1GHz processor, allowing much sought after multi-tasking for the readily available Apps. Perhaps most noteworthy is the slip-stream integration of social networking memes into the new “bada” operating system. I think they’ve got this right; phones are, after all, supposed to be a means of communicating and this is a phone which seeks and certainly succeeds in creating a platform for communication in the most modern of ways

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