Friday, 29 April 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): Battery Life - Moderate Usage

Note: This post is about "Moderate" usage and battery life. I've done a similar test for battery life under "Heavy Usage" which you can find here: Heavy Usage Battery Life 
Well this is a rather pleasant surprise! I've had the Galaxy S II for a little over a week now so I feel it is far enough into its charge cycle to comment on the battery life...

This first picture is the phone's battery on around 60% charge on what for me is "moderate" usage after 15 hours. There are periods of inactivity, but over the course of the 15 hours I played a few quick games, browsed a lot over HSDPA, had constant gmail twitter + facebook push updates, watched a couple of YouTube videos and listened to a small amount of music. A couple of quick phone calls in there, too. I didn't have wifi turned on here because my HSDPA connection is around 4Mbps.

I think this probably represents fairly typical usage of a phone. Heavy usage such as transferring large amounts of data over wifi / uploading a video to YouTube obviously drains battery life a lot faster than normal. 

This second picture shows the phone on the same charge as the first one, but you can see the battery drain is somewhat faster as I am watching more YouTube videos, making calls over skype and in general using a lot more data content (again no wifi). You can see this as the second, slightly steeper, downwards slope that goes in to the yellow.

The third "section" of the battery is the red section, near the end of the battery's life on this charge. I left the phone "awake" for a good chunk of that time, with several applications running idly in the background. This drains the battery somewhat faster than closing background applications but the drain on the battery is still looking pretty good. In case anyone is still asking if the Galaxy S II's battery can outlast a day, I thought I should include one final photograph, now with a "critically low" battery, having just outlasted the two day mark...!

[watch this space for updates]

I thought that battery life might be a chink in the armour of this mighty phone. I expected the the large display and the 2 x 1.2Ghz processors would eat the battery in a few hours but ... it turns out that the Galaxy S II can easily keep up with, if not outstrip, any competition in terms of battery life, whilst providing one of the smoothest and fastest user experiences I have ever encountered.

I look forward to the time when phone batteries will outlast a week. Battery-life has taken a huge hit since the start of the smartphone, but I do see the Galaxy S 2 as a step in the right direction. Samsung have not filled up a box full of magic and squashed it down into such a small package at the expense of anything: I really thought that battery life would be compromised but it just continues to amaze me. Wow!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): GPS

The GPS functionality on the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is fantastic. A lot of people will be relieved seeing as Google had some problems getting the GPS to work properly with the Galaxy S (1) when it was released last year. Below are a few tests: again, I must apologise for the poor video quality.

Probably the best way to demonstrate GPS accuracy is the with the free "Android Market" App called "My Tracks". Here is a picture I took of the track I took of me walking around a road and round in circles. I must have looked really stupid! to anyone watching: Everything is shifted a couple of meters up from where I was actually walking: the actual path I took is spot on. Scarily accurate...

"My Tracks"

A stationary look at the GPS fix with free Android Market "GPS Status":

A moving look at the GPS on "Google Maps":

I hear the sound of many sighs of relief...

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): Browser Testing - Flash/Heavy use

I've tested the Default (stock) Browser, "Opera Mobile" and "Dolphin HD" on the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and they've all been really impressive. To quote 'siclusiferx': "this thing feeds on Flash for breakfast!".

I've been really impressed with the device's ability to cope with running multiple flash videos with several web-pages loaded (and other applications open in the background) while still retaining lightning fast lag-less zooming and scrolling functionality.

Default Browser:

Opera Mobile:

Dolphin HD:

Microsoft HTML-5 (run on default browser)

Picture of results:

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): MultiTouch Tests

Below is an assortment of MultiTouch tests on the Galaxy S 2. I don't have more than 10 fingers, sorry!

On the "Microbes" Live Wallpaper:

MultiTouch Visualiser:

MultiTouch Tester:

As soon as I find an extra pair of hands I'll update...

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): Gaming

Goodness me: this phone looks at high-content 3D games and laughs in their faces! Below is an assortment of games running on the Samsung Galaxy S 2. I'll keep adding more at request:

Gameloft's "GT Racing HD":

Gameloft's "Real Football HD":

Gameloft's "Shrek Kart HD":

Gameloft's "Gangstar: Miami Vindication":

This game took a little longer than the others to load. It also pauses a little in-game while loading new areas (I think).

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): Voice Recognition

Well so far I've been really impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Voice Recognition. Of course it's not 100% perfect, but that's because any speech recognition software has to deal with some seriously complicated stuff. For example, below is the spectrogram of a short soundwave of me saying "blah blah blah blah...." and it's that sort of data that the recognition system is looking at. Each "blob" is the same word spoken by me: but look how different they are visually!

There is such a lot of overlap for some sounds that providing a totally accurate speech recognition software which is totally generic (will work for anyone without "training" the program) is almost impossible. This is because there is so much overlap in different accents and dialects all over the world. That being said; Vlingo on the Galaxy S 2 does a really good job! I've done two, simple, quick tests. One without background noise, and one with background noise:

Without Background Noise

With Background Noise

In German
(yes I know I'm rubbish at German)

In French
(Yes I know how bad my French is)

In the device settings there are options for "English US", "English UK", "French/Francais", "Italian/Italiano", "German/Deutsch" and "Spanish/Espanol"

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): (Some) System Information

Some system information from the Samsung Galaxy S 2

File System:



Resolution: 480x800
Refresh Rate: 60.38Hz

GPU (OpenGL):

Vendor: ARM
Renderer: Mali-400 MP
Version: OPenGL ES-CM 1.1
Max Texture Units: 8
Max Texture Size: 4096
Max Lights: 8
VBO: Supported
Frame Buffers: Supported
Cube Maps: Unsupported
Texture Combiners: Supported
DOT3 Combiner: Supported
Crossbar Combiner: Unsupported


Total: 853032 Kb
(Free: 38860 Kb)
(Available: 314924 Kb)


K3DH Acceleration Sensor
AK8975 Magnetic Field Sensor
AK8975 Orientation Sensor
CM 3663 Light Sensor
CM 3663 Proximity Sensor
K3G Gyroscope Sensor
Gravity Sensor
Linear Acceleration Sensor
Rotation Vector Sensor

If you would like to know anything else: please leave a comment!

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): Benchmark Tests

Below are a series of Benchmark tests performed on the Samsung Galaxy S 2 with results posted below. This phone is astonishing!

Just to clarify: I've run these tests on it 100% out of the box. Nothing is overclocked and no settings have been fiddled with!

Galaxy S 2 vs Galaxy S 2 (Full memory [left] vs Brand new device [right])

Consistently 3500ish for both


(I ran it a few times)

et cetera

"Quadrant Advanced" Test

Total: 3381
CPU: 7046
Memory: 3823
I/O: 3929
2D: 889
3D: 1199

NeoCore Test:

59.8 FPS

GLBenchmark Test

Quadrant Test

Score: 3277

Smartbench2011 Test

Productivity Index: 3745
Games Index: 2339

Linpack Test

MFLOPS: 47.257
Time: 1.77 Seconds
Norm Res: 5.68
Precision: 2.220446049250313E-16

an3DBench XL

Double Dragon: 21.93
Flower Power: 37.08
Ninja's Garden: 30.12
Emperor's New Clothes: 59.32
Magic Island: 24.36
Total Score: 29923

AnTutu Test

Memory: 926
CPU Integer: 1425
CPU Float: 1256
2D Graphics: 149
3D Graphics: 320
Database IO: 165

Total scores: 4539

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): Camera - A quick test!

Some people have asked me to show the kind of pictures the Samsung Galaxy S 2 takes. I've taken a picture with each camera setting and uploaded it below. You should be able to click on them to bring up the full version. If you want to zoom in, there are some ants in the second dandelion from the bottom which might be worth a look! Just click on the slideshow to go to the photosteam. Then right-click (or equivalent) on the photo and select "View Original".