Monday, 2 May 2011

Galaxy S 2 (II): Battery Life - Heavy Useage with Wifi

In my previous post on battery life in the Galaxyy S 2 I wrote about how the device copes under what I would call "moderate usage". Here I will briefly summarise a charge of the phone under typical(?) "heavy usage". 

For me, this involved:
  • WiFi on constantly
  • Multiple games and keeping those games running in the background
  • Various other applications (a total of 25 apps/games by the end of the charge)
  • 30 minutes of high definition video content
  • 3G/HSDPA on constantly with hour in total call time
  • Screen on 100% brightness
  • Lots of web browsing
  • Sending emails
  • Updating facebook status
  • Checking (fellow reddit users will know this is almost a constant thing...)
  • 45 minutes of GPS usage
  • Not clearing the RAM
  • Skype, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter all updating
  • Microbes Live wallpaper
  • Widgets for weather, stock market + gmail
  • A series of alarms set to go off throughout the day

For those interested in "standby time" with and without WiFi, I decided to have a period of no-wifi standby and then "with-WiFi" standby at either end of the period of heavy usage

You can split the usage here into thirds: 
  1. On standby - only 3G/HSDPA on and background socialnetwork/email sync. WiFi Off (12 Hours)
  2. Phone on about 50% of the time, Heavy Usage, WiFi On (12 Hours)
  3. On standby, WiFi On (12 Hours).

 With that in mind I would expect to get a good 14-15 hours if I had started with heavy usage from the start. I would imagine that most people need to sleep and have a break from their phone at *some* point during the day (to sleep, for example?) so it looks like the Battery life of the Galaxy S 2, even under heavy usage will be more than sufficient! Hurray! 


  1. Looks very promising.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. The wobble is to do with how the sensor works

    You can see its stranger effects by pointing it at a propellor

  3. Meant to post that on the video test post. Sorry.

  4. Hey Dom. I am not getting the same battery life you got for the same activities on phone. I will send you my battery usage snapshot please do have a look at it and let me know if i need to modify any settings. thanks

  5. am having a hard time believing this, as my phone wont last 6 hours under heavy usage!

  6. Nice writeup. How does the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S2 compare with other phones of similar features ?