Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Galaxy S 2 (II): What's in the Box?

So: what exactly do you get in the box with the Samsung Galaxy S II? The other model I have used for this blog is slightly pre-release so it didn't come with any packaging, which some people have asked me about: I've just taken delivery of a brand new (UK) Galaxy S II -- so here's what you get:

A Box:

1 X Galaxy S II

1 X (Good Quality) Samsung Headphones + Earbud adaptors for different sized lugholes

1 X Micro USB adaptor

1 X Micro USB Charger (this is a UK one)

1 X Galaxy S II Phone Battery

1 X "Quick Start" Guide

A picture of Everything together:

That's the lot! :-)

+Showing Off a Bit+


  1. You seem to be quite an expert when it comes to the sgs2.. I really love the way you explained everything in your videos... I've read in other sgs2 forums of unsatisfied customers complaining of camera showing "pink color" in the middle of the camera, also unit heating up like the sahara desert that you can't actually hold the phone, and last is how the android os is draining the battery even if it's in standby mode only.. Can you please be so kind as to show us some videos of the said complains if it's found in your sgs2 also? Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to watch your future videos sir. Have a nice day!

  2. I like the screenprotector with the specs on it.

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