Saturday, 23 April 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): Benchmark Tests

Below are a series of Benchmark tests performed on the Samsung Galaxy S 2 with results posted below. This phone is astonishing!

Just to clarify: I've run these tests on it 100% out of the box. Nothing is overclocked and no settings have been fiddled with!

Galaxy S 2 vs Galaxy S 2 (Full memory [left] vs Brand new device [right])

Consistently 3500ish for both


(I ran it a few times)

et cetera

"Quadrant Advanced" Test

Total: 3381
CPU: 7046
Memory: 3823
I/O: 3929
2D: 889
3D: 1199

NeoCore Test:

59.8 FPS

GLBenchmark Test

Quadrant Test

Score: 3277

Smartbench2011 Test

Productivity Index: 3745
Games Index: 2339

Linpack Test

MFLOPS: 47.257
Time: 1.77 Seconds
Norm Res: 5.68
Precision: 2.220446049250313E-16

an3DBench XL

Double Dragon: 21.93
Flower Power: 37.08
Ninja's Garden: 30.12
Emperor's New Clothes: 59.32
Magic Island: 24.36
Total Score: 29923

AnTutu Test

Memory: 926
CPU Integer: 1425
CPU Float: 1256
2D Graphics: 149
3D Graphics: 320
Database IO: 165

Total scores: 4539


  1. is the phone heating up, like mentioned in a review? or overheating?

  2. Mine warms up a little bit during very heavy usage, not loads though.

  3. domarmstrong can I ask a big favor ?
    Could you try to install and test a THD game ? :/
    In the whole WWW noone can say me if those games run smoothly on the GS2 :/

    Tnx ^ ^

  4. Can you try th game shrek kart because during the GSMArena test, they were lags .

    Thank for all those videos !

  5. I'd really like to see the sleep screen. Everyone said it makes the phone super laggy looking when you swype it away.

  6. Dom wanted to ask how is the battery?? i mean in a single charge can it run full day keeping in mind that during the day web browser has been used the most.