Sunday, 24 April 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): GPS

The GPS functionality on the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is fantastic. A lot of people will be relieved seeing as Google had some problems getting the GPS to work properly with the Galaxy S (1) when it was released last year. Below are a few tests: again, I must apologise for the poor video quality.

Probably the best way to demonstrate GPS accuracy is the with the free "Android Market" App called "My Tracks". Here is a picture I took of the track I took of me walking around a road and round in circles. I must have looked really stupid! to anyone watching: Everything is shifted a couple of meters up from where I was actually walking: the actual path I took is spot on. Scarily accurate...

"My Tracks"

A stationary look at the GPS fix with free Android Market "GPS Status":

A moving look at the GPS on "Google Maps":

I hear the sound of many sighs of relief...


  1. Hi.

    Any chance you could test the exchange integration? Especially if it can access and save from Global Address List...

  2. hi! did you turn off GSM/3G and wifi? these signals might "help" accuracy and also speeds up satellite fix. I am curious about the "raw" gps performance, when there is no help by any other signals.


  3. Hi @anonymous! Wifi was off, at least for the "My Tracks" test. GSM/3G was on for all of them.

  4. what was in the box? did you get that? and why doesnt it or any of the ones we've seen on the nett have the sammy logo on top even though the official product shots have it?

  5. I do not know where to post this question but can you make a video of the video editor application?

  6. Thank you so much for testing and sharing your results. I'm about to buy a galaxy sII myself and, hopefully, going to post positive results also.

    Cheers from Brazil!

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