Sunday, 24 April 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): Gaming

Goodness me: this phone looks at high-content 3D games and laughs in their faces! Below is an assortment of games running on the Samsung Galaxy S 2. I'll keep adding more at request:

Gameloft's "GT Racing HD":

Gameloft's "Real Football HD":

Gameloft's "Shrek Kart HD":

Gameloft's "Gangstar: Miami Vindication":

This game took a little longer than the others to load. It also pauses a little in-game while loading new areas (I think).


  1. why do you already have that sgs2 :o

  2. Tnx for all domarmstrong ^ ^
    One question.. why real football didn't want to start ? A problem of the game or you didn't know how make the match start? xD

    Besides.. are these games the tegra versions? o.O
    If not.. will you try one of them?

    Tnx for giving all this informations to the whole web.. following you from italy ^ ^

  3. @Danny-69 I had no idea which buttons to press!
    @Anonymous I am a "Samsung Mob!ler" and Samsung are the Best! :-)

  4. What is your firmware version? (*1234#)

  5. Great uploads, the show what the Game Hub can do on the Galaxy S2!

  6. You have forgotten this video:
    There is some lag in this game, do you know why?