Sunday, 24 April 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II (2): Browser Testing - Flash/Heavy use

I've tested the Default (stock) Browser, "Opera Mobile" and "Dolphin HD" on the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and they've all been really impressive. To quote 'siclusiferx': "this thing feeds on Flash for breakfast!".

I've been really impressed with the device's ability to cope with running multiple flash videos with several web-pages loaded (and other applications open in the background) while still retaining lightning fast lag-less zooming and scrolling functionality.

Default Browser:

Opera Mobile:

Dolphin HD:

Microsoft HTML-5 (run on default browser)

Picture of results:


  1. I really love the fast browser!!

  2. Can You try 1080p playback on Youtube? :) I'm just curious. 720p works well but 1080p nobody knows :)